1. rhaimadeenisha said: I love your pics;) talented.

    Oh thank you. Check out my Instagram? Samxtrav

  3. From my shoot with Jay Read and Tino Kamal

  4. Another of Nazifa

  5. Quick shoot today with Nazifa. 

    T-Shirt by Class Villain

  6. Quick shoot today with the beautiful Mittra (instagram: mittra_)

    Feat. Clothing from Class Villain

  7. Little preview of the shoot I did today for Dope Chef. 

    Assistant Bart

    Stylist Jeff

    Model Rui @ AMCK

  8. Jay Read at a wedding I photographed recently.

  9. Little preview of a shoot I did yesterday with Connie.

  10. From my shoot with Eve for Da Vibe magazine

    Assistant Liam Doocey